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February 5, 2012 – that day I woke up early because I wanted to clean the house. I remember that night I had the BEST sleep I had yet! I just felt so rested. I woke Sam up to help me power clean as we had our doula coming by for 10:00. After a quick power clean, Shallan our doula arrived. She went over what he role was, and how she would help. She even gave us tips on swaddling our baby – which Sam and I desperately needed. We were also going over a plan for backup doula’s as she was going on vacation in two days and I was due on February 20 (we didn’t think she would make it).

At 12:00 I was walking her down the stairs to let her out and I felt a large gush – I was touching myself inappropriately because I actually thought I peed my pants and was so embarrassed! She was looking at me funny, and I just said to her I think I peed myself! She laughed and said to call her if I actually had broken my water. I just shrugged it off and ran upstairs to investigate. Sam was using the toilet but I was a little flustered and pulled my pants down yelling I peed, I think I have to, I think I just peed myself!  Really just babbling and making no sense. After calming down I ran downstair to talk to Sam’s mom and we all agreed my water had broke!

I was filled with nerves as it was too soon, I still had two days left at work. I put that behind me and called the midwife, who couldn’t see us until later that day as she was resting from a birth. Sam and I decided to go have a meal together and go out to a friends house to watch the super bowl. We enjoyed our time and I just felt like I was dripping water without contractions – so I wasn’t convinced it was labour. That afternoon watching the game was hard to focus. We didn’t want anyone to know we could be having our baby early – but we were also so nervous! We finally heard from our midwife she said we could meet her at the office for 5:30.

5:30 took forever, but finally came. We snuck out, and we were filled with so many emotions. When we got to the office, our midwife checked to see if my water had broken with litmus papers – and she said it hadn’t and it was probably just some extra fluid.  It didn’t make sense to me because I kept getting gushes. None-the-less, we left her office disappointed. We went back to our friends place, but only to leave shortly after as we were so let down!

When we got home, we were getting into bed and I was feeling funny. I started to talk to Sam about it and went to use the bathroom.. instantly I knew labour was close. at about 10:00 that night I had my first contraction. I didn’t think it was happening yet and was in denial. We started to watch Alaska State Troopers as we timed each contraction. I know I was told to sleep through the beginning but THESE WERE PAINFUL! They started about 10 minutes apart and worked their way to 5 minutes apart within a few hours. Poor Sam was getting sick, and I was still in denial – I thought I was going to work that morning. I tried to get some work done inbetween contractions but they were coming fast and almost over top of one and other.

I instructed Sam to take a nap, and I would watch a movie. After  him trying to sleep and not succeeding – he checked my contraction app and realized we were way past the time when we should call the midwife. By this time it was 6am and we paged her – she didn’t really think it was labour but said she would come to our house to check. When she arrive she checked me and didn’t expect to be very dilated, but I was 3 cm – baby would be coming hopefully soon! We discussed going to the hospital soon, my birth plan (which wasn’t finished because we didn’t expect an early baby), and she said she would meet us there.

The drive to the hospital was rough, I was angry at Sam for hitting every bump (felt like it was on purpose!). When we arrived it took me a while to get in the door as my contractions wouldn’t stop. We met our midwife and doula in our room and I just layed on the bed and tried to concentrate. I didn’t move, drink water (which I should have), or say anything from 10:30 (when we arrived) until I was ready to push. When I was checked again I was 7cm, and everybody was shocked because they thought we wouldn’t be having our baby until later that evening.

Once it was time to push, things got a little dicey. They lost the baby’s heart beat – and they had to call in several doctors to monitor his birth. At one point they were going to move forward with a c-section when they couldn’t find him. Turns out his cord was so tight and short around his neck I couldn’t push him out. They used a vacuum and finally I pushed just enough for the doctor to cut the cord and he came right out. The doctors were concerned that the baby wasn’t breathing and they took him away from me to work on him. His first apgar was a 2, but the second was an 8. We were so lucky to give birth to a healthy baby BOY!!!

We named our little guy Lincoln and he weighed a whooping 7lbs, 7oz. We were THRILLED!

Our first family photo ❤ So instantly in love! ❤

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Pregnancy wasn’t easy for me, I was always sick,tired and just plain unhappy. I found myself not gaining weight as well as I should have been from feeling so sick. I remember one time when Sam and I went up to Squamish for the night I barely made the hour long drive. When we did finally arrive I ended up going right to bed I was feeling so terrible – THAT sums up pregnancy for me. 

We had our first ultrasound on July 25, which was a dating ultrasound to see how we measured. Our second “20 week” ultrasound was completed on September 20. Everything looked fine on both screens – and we were so excited to meet our little baby. We decided to keep the sex surprise which made it even more thrilling. 

October 1 – it was a Saturday, we were in Vegas and it was my birthday. We got a call from the midwife; she wanted to let us know about a blood test we had taken.  It was in regards for Downs Syndrome and our odds were 1-20. I thought those weren’t too bad, but she explained that that is a very high odds. She couldn’t give me more details besides that, but she said she would refer us to a Genetic Specialist to help us. Sam and I freaked out and went up to our hotel room and started to google what all this meant. I couldn’t believe she gave me this news without giving me anymore information. I couldn’t stop crying and worrying that my baby would have Downs Syndrome. Googling didn’t help me any, and that night was my birthday and I didn’t feel like celebrating. Sam and I went with my Dad and his wife to Elton John that night (I could hardly wait to see him prior to the news) and I just couldn’t fully enjoy myself. Every song brought tears to my eyes. So many thoughts were running through my mind! How could this happen to us? I was already 20 weeks pregnant and couldn’t think about aborting my baby! I just wanted a healthy baby!

When we got home from our trip we saw Genetics – who discussed what this all meant. They offered me an Amnio so we could know for sure, but thought it would be alright as nothing further showed up on my scans. This brought my odds to 1-40, a little better but not great. They wanted to do a more detailed scan when I was 27 weeks pregnant so we booked the appointment. 

27 week pregnant couldn’t come fast enough. That day we went back to Genetics and they performed a very difference scan. There was a giant TV in front of us and the doctor was able to walk us through every step. He thought everything looked fine, no heart issues, no funny bone lengths and he thought we would have a healthy baby. Sam and I were very happy to hear this. 

A couple of weeks later Sam and I went to visit friends in Salmon Arm, we decided to try curling. It was fun, but I ended up being in so much pain I thought I was going to have the baby! That is the day the baby dropped and I couldn’t walk like a normal person anymore. After that I was worried it would come too soon – thankfully baby didn’t. 

Sam and I have always keep pretty busy, being pregnant or sick didn’t stop us from sledding. Even over the Christmas holidays we took to some sleds. But after that trip I realize I was doing too much as I was having several braxton hicks contractions. That was when I realized I needed to slow down and take care of myself and baby. 

Next post – DELIVERY!

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Cute baby belly!

Cute baby belly!

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The Beginning.

I will start from the beginning – Sam and I found out we were pregnant two days before Game 7 of the Canucks Stanley Cup Final. We had a good run, we partied hard and had the most fun ever! It all came to a halt when we discovered it wasn’t just going to be the two of us anymore.

We are both young, 25 and hardly knew each other. We were terrified, but knew we would work together to have this baby.

When Game 7 came around, we went downtown with our friends, kept our night sober and left just in time as the riots were starting. We were lucky we were sober and one of our friends had a vehicle so we could get out of the down town core fast. We both enjoyed the night as much as we could, and were bursting with excitement of our newest addition that we couldn’t share with anyone.

That up coming weekend was Father’s Day – when we decided to break the news to our parents. I was a nervous MESS and Sam was calm as always. He was a little taken back how I told my mom and dad, as I blurted it out so fast I’m positive they didn’t even know what I said. As for his parents, we wrote out a Grandfathers day card for them with a list of 10 reasons why we are perfect for a baby – it was quite funny because his dad took a minute to clue in and his mom was leaping over the couch instantly!

At the end of the day, everyone was thrilled for us and it took a lot of pressure off of us as we knew we could do it! Next entry – some complications!

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